Air Resevoirs

Air Resevoirs

Gordon Services UK Ltd overhauls a range of Air Resevoirs for the Engineering sector throughout the South East of England.

Air Reservoirs are used to compensate for pressure fluctuations within a pneumatic system. Air is let into the reservoir from a flow valve and stored there until it is released at a pre-determined point.

All components are shot blasted and/or washed in a wash tank to remove build up of dirt and grime. They are then stripped, fitted with the relevant new parts, built and tested to specification. All products are stamped with a unique number and recorded for traceability purpose.

The air reservoirs are overhauled and maintained in accordance with high quality procedures and the company is accredited to ISO 9001:2015.  Safety values are paramount due to the nature of the application and at Gordon Services UK Ltd. we continually strive to ensure our product overhauls conform to the highest quality standards.

Gordon Services UK Ltd. can offer overhaul and maintenance to a wide variation of reservoir volumes ranging from 0.6 litre up to 120 litre. Each reservoir is coated with the highest quality anticorrosion protection, using only leading brands to support the durability and life expectancy. 

Air Reservoirs with Mounting Brackets

Using air reservoirs with welded brackets directly to the reservoir and then screwed directly to the chassis, friction between the mounting bracket and reservoir body is eliminated, thereby reducing the risk of surface damage that may eventually lead to premature corrosion. 

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Gordon Services Railway Stock Repair Process


Volumes ranging from 0.6 litre up to a maximum of 120 litre, are available in our overhaul and maintenance programme, including strap mounted air reservoirs allow the customer complete confidence. Additional coverage includes polyamide coated U-Bolts and Saddles which are often fitted without the need to apply additional protection and thereby reducing the risk of corrosion.

Air Resevoirs

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