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We overhaul and maintain rolling stock nationwide

Gordon Services UK Ltd

Maintenance & Overhaul of Railway Rolling Stock

Gordon Services UK Ltd is an Electro-Mechanical engineering company providing a fast, comprehensive and cost effective service for the railway industry.  Established in 1995, Gordon Services is now a leading force in the overhauling of components and products from all types of rolling stock throughout the UK.

Railway Services

railway valves


Gordon Services UK Ltd overhauls valves for the Railway Industry, incl. Traction Control & anti-lock braking systems.

bogie equipment gordon services uk ltd

Bogie Equipment

Gordon Services UK Ltd overhauls Bogie Equipment & all components are overhauled to the relevant specs & tested to appropriate criteria.

semvac toilets

Semvac Toilets

Gordon Services UK Ltd is the leading partner for overhaul of the SEMVAC A/S manufactured range of toilets within the UK.

electrical equipment railway industry

Electrical Equipment

All components are shot blasted and/or washed in a wash tank to remove build up of dirt and grime.

Third Rail Equipment

Third Rail Equipment covers Tripcock valves for emergency braking & includes Shoearms/Shoebeams.

Welding and Fabrication

Welding & Fabrication

Gordon Services UK Ltd offers welding & fabrication services. MIG & TIG Coded Welders BS EN 9606 are coded every year by the Welding Institute in Cambridge.

Water Tanks

Water Tanks

Gordon Services UK Ltd has achieved a high standard in the overhaul of Water Tanks. Using a process involving a two part epoxy system in combination with a shot blasted profile surface.


Air Resevoirs

Gordon Services UK Ltd overhauls a range of Air Resevoirs for the Railway and Engineering sector throughout the South East of England.

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